Building inspection with drone

Faster building inspection. Better data collection.

Roof or facade inspections on buildings often mean the time-consuming installation of a climber, scaffolding or the use of industrial climbers with the associated time and costs. By using drones, the task can be completed in a fraction of the time and the resulting data is detailed and comprehensive. 

Our drones are flown by professional, licensed pilots who are familiar with local flight regulations for commercial drone operations. In addition, we coordinate the requirements of the job in detail with you, and the pilots then carry out the "mission" accordingly. 

Building inspection with drone and the advantages

The use cases of drones in building inspection are wide-ranging - and you benefit from them in different ways. Your advantages at a glance:  

  • Time savings 
  • Cost savings 
  • Increased occupational safety 
  • Easy access to data via the platform 
  • Uniform documentation for good comparability 

The areas of application and functionality of a building inspection by drone

There are many reasons why a building inspection becomes necessary. These include: 

  • As-built surveys 
  • Area survey 
  • Assessment of the condition of a part of the building that is difficult to access, e.g. the facade 
  • Localization and recording of damage e.g. storm damage to the roof 
  • Checking the functionality of the building e.g. the energy efficiency of the building envelope 

With our drones you can take high-resolution individual photos, video recordings or even thermal images. 

After processing and analysis, they are supplemented by detailed reports in standardized form, depending on the purpose. This provides the possibility of a before-and-after comparison. In addition, thermal sensors are used to detect cracks, water ingress, heat development, cold spots and other anomalies.  

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