Building technology by Dussmann

We bring reliability to your technical systems and equipment

To make sure your building technology has high availability, it’s crucial to take your requirements into account to safeguard your core operations within your business. Our building technology team functions as a center of competence and your point of contact for any and all matters relating to organizing your space.

In the process, we are guided by DIN 32736 as we support you with a full spectrum of tasks in the area of technical building management and by DIN 18919 and the applicable FLL guidelines as we do the same in infrastructural exterior facility management. Beyond that, we can also provide you with comprehensive advice having to do with all areas of your building technology. The goal is to tailor our services precisely to the requirements that apply at your properties and to your technical systems and facilities in order to realize synergies and optimize cost-effectiveness. 


Added value through our services

  • High technical availability
  • Assigned operator obligations are met with legal certainty
  • High cost-effectiveness
  • Individually crafted concept
  • Specially qualified, capable employees and continuous further education and training

Greater efficiency, lower costs – with our building technology team

Good services in the area of building technology are distinguished by a number of factors, including the fact that your facilities run without disruptions. The key factor here is our specialists. They have years of experience in technical trades, along with the necessary training and education and IPMA certifications, plus they receive ongoing training and further education.

Alongside relevant qualifications in the various trades involved, we take great care to ensure that our specialists within the property are familiar with your specific requirements and technical facilities and systems. The better we know your facilities and buildings, the more we can look ahead as we provide you with the services you need.

Alongside high service quality, we offer advanced, digital documentation, inclusive online access to our service documentation, and planning. Legally compliant documentation underscores compliance with the statutory provisions. In the ideal case, disruptions and failures can be prevented, thereby avoiding increased costs of unscheduled, expensive repairs while at the same time ensuring greater system and facility reliability.

Our further innovative services in detail

  • Use of drones for roof or facade inspections
  • The drone takes high-resolution individual photos, records video, or captures heat images
  • Infrared cameras can be used to identify damaged components, cold bridges, and moisture ingress in building insulation without laborious and costly use of lifts or scaffolding
  • Drones are operated by professional, licensed pilots and in compliance with all legal requirements
  • Drone-assisted orthographic photography helps to capture dimensions accurately, forming the basis for many types of exterior work
  • The benefits to you of using drones for building inspections include saving time and money, easier access to data via the platform, and standardized documentation for ease of comparison

  • Expertise in the right place at the right time: technical aids such as smartphone or smart glasses cameras let on-site employees access support from specialists in the back office
  • Technical documentation, guides, drawings, and plans can be fed directly to an on-site employee’s smartphone
  • Conference lines help to create an impression of teamwork on the site and assist with explaining technical contexts and solving problems optimally

  • Checks of dirt in ventilation lines
  • Use of advanced robotic technology to clean ventilation ducts and minimize necessary dismantling and removal work, as dirty ventilation ducts can harbor microorganisms, which can spread from there and contaminate the supply of air to rooms within the system with viruses, bacteria, spores, and/or other toxins.
  • Photo and video documentation of the inside of the duct before and after cleaning

  • Interior temperatures are proactively adjusted, controlled, and monitored in our cloud-based solution as we continuously monitor weather forecasts, the uses and physical circumstances of your building, and energy prices
  • Cloud technology makes it possible to integrate our system into your usual measurement and control technology systems, regardless of manufacturer
  • Using weather-guided control technology can reduce your energy costs and carbon emissions by as much as 40 %
  • The intuitive cockpit provides a transparent display of all relevant ventilation and air conditioning settings. Continuous (24/7) monitoring of the condition of your buildings and facilities allows the system to alert you to discrepancies and malfunctions early on, enabling direct intervention
  • Risk-free thanks to project philosophy: An advance analysis shows the potential savings and guarantees them, so these measures are cost-neutral for you no matter what


With our  system, all planning and service processes are managed according to DIN EN 13306. The SWISS FM System has a modular structure and can be equipped with the relevant access rights on a user-specific basis. The software also creates transparency, provides documentation that will stand up in court, and thus visualizes the quality of the services we provide in real time – either through the app or by Web access.

The advantages are obvious, as the increasingly complex, interconnected processes in the building technology segment are visualized optimally. This enables cost-effective, sustainable management and control focusing on specific properties and requirements.

We are certified in quality and environmental management and in occupational safety and health. In building technology, we are guided worldwide by the high standards that apply in Germany and the EU, for instance VDI 6022 oder 6023. 


To document quality standards transparently, we work with the Quentic software. We use these solutions to verify and document the contractually agreed services in building technology – quickly, simply, and on a mobile basis. The results meet audit requirements and can be reviewed at any time so you can keep an eye on the big picture at all times.

Dussmann Facility Management

A full range of building services – individual and tailored to fit your needs

With Dussmann, you’re always positioned professionally – in building technology and beyond. We offer a wealth of different facility management services, which we work with our customers to craft into customized personal solutions – from building cleaning to setting up a charging infrastructure for electric vehicle fleets.