Transportation cleaning by Dussmann

Speed and flexibility are what we’re all about

When it comes to transportation cleaning, speed, flexibility, and availability are all key. Whether we are cleaning buses or trains, we provide our specially trained staff 24 hours a day. 

We offer the utmost in service when it comes to our cleaning equipment as well. We have electric vehicles, cordless vacuums, and biodegradable graffiti removers. For quality assurance purposes, we also use NFC-Tags to log the time spent working. This enables immediate online communication regarding vehicle availability.


Our services

  • Day service
  • Daily maintenance cleaning
  • Intensive cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Exterior vehicle cleaning
  • Interior vehicle cleaning
  • Vehicle preparation
  • Fleet/depot cleaning
  • Luggage compartment cleaning
  • Emptying and disinfection of vehicle restrooms and lavatories

Sustainable cleaning services

In our building cleaning activities, we focus on biodegradable and highly concentrated products and on close physical proximity to our wholesale partners. Cleaning agents, paper goods, and textiles all have at least one ecolabel.

Cleaning services by Dussmann

Services for clean facilities, top to bottom and inside and out

Dussmann is known for its wide range of cleaning services. If you need additional services beyond transportation cleaning, feel free to check out what we offer: