Cleanroom cleaning by Dussmann

Expertise according to your stringent quality standards

Thanks to our exacting requirements for staff, strict hygiene and occupational safety and health rules, compliance with international quality standards, and commitment to comprehensive documentation, we meet the very highest standards of quality in the area of cleanroom cleaning. We can also meet other requirements, such as different cleanroom classifications and site-specific guidelines.

We will work with you to craft a cleaning concept and outline the frequency of cleaning, specific cleaning procedures, and cleaning products.

Cleanroom cleaning also depends on the quality of the cleaning staff. Our employees are trained on how to behave inside cleanrooms and airlocks, clothing rules, work procedures, documentation, GMP and health & safety. We also have years of experience in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical industry, food sector, as well as medical facilities.

What does cleanroom cleaning include?

 Sie fragen sich, was wir für Sie im Bereich Reinraumreinigung leisten können?

  • Consulting for cleanroom cleaning according to GMP guidelines
  • Cleanroom cleaning
  • Clothing management
  • Training of in-house and external staff

Sustainable building cleaning

In our building cleaning activities, we focus on biodegradable and highly concentrated products and on close physical proximity to our wholesale partners. Cleaning agents, paper goods, and textiles all have at least one ecolabel.

Cleaning services by Dussmann

Services for clean facilities, top to bottom and inside and out

Dussmann is known for its wide range of cleaning services. If you need additional cleaning services beyond cleanroom cleaning, feel free to check out what we offer: